“This story goes far beyond the written words on paper and even further than the story itself. This book teaches you that even in your darkest moment there is always a path to transformation. Never have I read a book where I can lose myself in the characters, Mark and Paula, as they intuitively grow together along their life journey.  It’s life-changing!”

Tim Ray Founder and CEO of U.I.F. a Non-Profit Organization
Radio Host for United Intentions Radio

“From the moment I began this wonderful love story, I could not put it down. It warmed my heart and my soul. Master Hu has found a unique way of blending transformational wisdom into a romantic story of love and self-discovery. The Awakening is a book that captivates and inspires readers at all levels of their spiritual journeys and should be included on everyone’s ‘must read’ list.”

Dr. Jane Sennett, DO

“The Awakening shows us, step by step, how to advance to the next spiritual level and be all we can be. And as we change ourselves, we will change the world around us. I can’t think of any more important goal to devote ourselves to. Master Coach Hu Dalconzo is a visionary whose guidance can literally “lead us home.”

Nancy J. Wasson, Ph.D.
Marriage and Relationship Coach

“This book is unique in its ability to entertain and teach. I was continually drawn in by the emotion that it stirred in my heart throughout; I felt the characters heartbreak, hope, and then I radiated with them with great joy. This book entertains the reader via the development of a beautiful love story and vision quest adventures, with the advantage of also learning about spiritual transformation.”

Lorie Caldwell, CSLC, and Public Speaker

“The Awakening book has brought out deep esoteric concepts with amazing clarity and relevance to practical life in a gentle, conscious and lovingly way that touched my heart and warmed my soul. I was mesmerized and felt a sense of connectedness, and curiosity of what would come next. This transformational love story depicts that when spiritual partners surrender to the Laws of the Universe when two or more souls are gathered in a state of consciousness, love and grace they can create the closest thing to heaven on earth.”

Sharda Geer, CSLC

“My life has been changed after reading your book! It has help me to understand myself, and my spiritual purpose for incarnating. I have created many permanent changes because of the teachings in this book. Thank you, thank you and thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I can’t say thank you enough for this amazing transformative book.”

Namaste Bangorn Foster

“The Awakening is one of those books that will I will pass to my children and dearest friends and family.  This book will even be my ‘guide’ that I tote around, to reassure that I am ‘emotionalizing’ all my lessons and staying on track. By the time the book had ended, I felt TRANSFORMED because of the realization that I truly am a BEing of light and love who came to this earth to experience a curriculum made of life lessons and karmic “burns”.  Through the loving plotline of the romantic relationship between the two main characters, we learn to grow and evolve by helping one another, which is also the key for change for ALL of humanity.  THANK YOU for writing this important ‘Guideline’ to help create the changes that need to be created one soul at a time!
And my children will be thanking you too!”

Lisa DiChiara

“The Awakening truly touched my soul. The adventurous vision quests and the budding romance kept me longing for more. Not only does this book have adventure and romance, but it taught me vital life lessons how I can create an endless source of positive possibilities. The Awakening is a must-read for anyone who is on their own spiritual journey of transformation.”

Natalie Gervasio, CSLC

“I was deeply moved by The Awakening! What a story, I couldn’t put it down. I experienced tragedies like what the character Mark did. I feel blessed that I found this empowering book because it taught me how to live a more transformed life. I hope that others will be moved as I was after this exceptional read!”

Namasté Michelle Supranowicz

“WOW, the first few chapters touched my soul so deeply I couldn’t stop the tears from running down my face. Words can’t describe how much this book has helped me grok my Pauline-ology. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Pauline Quackenbush, CPC, CSLC

“Fantastic book! From the first chapter, the story helped me breathe again. And chapter by chapter, the characters helped me to reach further within and let go of my human fears. And to trust the universal energy within me to help me to overcome my daily challenges. Anyone who reads this book will have the tools that they need to overcome their own fears.”

Vincent D’Elia, Union Member of Actors Guild

“WOW!!! I didn’t want to put the book down.  It has everything I love in a good book, especially more than one storyline.  This book will appeal to you, no matter where you are on your Spiritual Journey. If you are looking for the perfect self-help book to add to your book club or study group… look no further!”

Namasté Tracey Kowlton, CSLC

“I have to say I really enjoyed the simplicity of the story telling. It felt, in some ways, like I was reading one of Wayne Dyer’s books; clear and easy to understand explanations of esoteric concepts. I really identified with Mark. I love the way the story gave me a starting point (paradoxes) and it helps me understand that the challenges I face, on my spiritual journey – I LOVE the Epilogue, because it helped me feel like there was something that could be done…that I was not alone.”

Coach Vesna Mitchell, CSLC, Fit Balance Trainer

“The Awakening is a sweet love story filled with not only a beautiful romance but also with a message for humanity. It contains hope and encouragement for humans individually and as a species. It is thought-provoking and provides suggestions for living a life that is worth living.
There is a way to achieve all of it, and it is through awakening.”

D’Angelee Bowman, CSLC

“Wow, what an awesome read! It teaches us that if we want to transform the world, we must start by transforming ourselves. This book is full of spiritual knowledge creatively interwoven into a transformational love story. It illustrates for us how to transform pain into Spiritual wholeness that can heal the world, one Soul at a time.”

Donetta Powell

“What an incredibly transformative read!  This book creates a willingness within me to take a transformative leap into the unknown.  I truly felt a connection with Paula and Mark. I could feel myself in the room as if I was feeling their emotions!”

Namasté Coach Christy Sprabary, ALSC

“Captivating! I couldn’t put this book down, I read it in 2 days. This is a beautifully written story of two souls who come together to heal, grow and serve others in a powerful way while finding true love. It is full of spiritual knowledge, which will undoubtedly transform you as it did me.

This inspiring love story cultivates hope in a world that desperately needs it. Thank you, Master Coach Hu, for sharing this incredible life-changing story.”

Namasté Rachel Christenson

“The Awakening is more than a love story. It is a tale of personal transformation following a heart-wrenching tragedy. The Awakening gently brought me through many stages and thought patterns of my spiritual evolution. Master Coach Hu Dalconzo found a way to weave spiritual life coaching principles within a love story that goes deeper than romance. I found myself taking notes and enjoying the love story at the same time.”

Carole Smith-Rea, CSLC

“This novel may be fiction, but the ‘TRUTHS’ have changed my life and will change yours too! These ‘TRUTHS’ lead me to feel with my heart, my instrument of unity, rather than my intellectual mind, the instrument of separateness. The characters love deepens with each adventure as they SEE, FEEL and HEAL their incarnational tragedies. An awesome read that helps me to become a Human BEing not a human do-ing. Read it once. Read it twice. Read it again.”

Lewis Knowlton

“An awesome and compelling read from the beginning to the end. Two unexpected partners dodge death and become intertwined by divine purpose and will. Through the lessons in this book, I was able to explore my own awakening as I vicariously experienced lessons in transformation and love with ‘Mark & Paula.’ This book provides insight into ancient universal principals while feeding the mind and soul one experience at a time.”

Shakera “Creatress” Hudson, ALSC

“From the first chapter, The Awakening had my attention. The characters brought the feeling of love into my soul. The romance kept my interest and the life lessons were what I needed to bring me back to center. It reminded me that life is all about paradox’s and putting LOVE first and the greatest gift to oneself is FORGIVENESS.  The Awakening put hope back into my life.”

Joann Sardanelli, Solon Solutions

“I was drawn to read The Awakening from the first line! There were surprising twists that had me in tears not only with the story but, my own self-realization because of my personal journey “home”.
If you are on a spiritual path, you can’t afford not to dive into this book about spiritual “Awakening”! Thank you, Master Coach Hu, for this beautiful labor of love!”

Anna Gaspari, Self Mastery Life Coach, ALSC

“As a published author I must say that this is a well-written story. It is also a page-turner. You managed to write natural sounding dialogue between Mark and Paula, while providing excellent descriptions of their Vision Quest adventures. I found myself turning the pages while being educated and entertained. Again, that is no easy feat, especially for someone like me who isn’t familiar with your metaphysical material.”

Joey Grillo, Author

“The Awakening is a must-read book. Who knew, that reading this book would open doors for me, that I thought I could never enter?  I connected to each powerful awakening moment as if it was happening to me. I am so grateful, to you Master Coach Hu for writing such a wonderful, life-changing, powerful love story, that change my life, just from reading it. I am so grateful, Thank you!”

Beverly Frederick

“I want to thank you for sharing with me this amazing book. It has been an incredible journey reading it, it touched my heart and soul very deeply and gave me the strength to go through some challenging moments in my life. Thank you once again, and many blessings to your wonderful book. “

Carolina Villa

“As I was reading this wonderful little book, there were moments when I felt pangs of sadness in my heart as tears flowed down my cheeks. Not because there was anything painful in what I was reading, mind you, but just because I was imagining how much more amazing my life might have been if I’d discovered the wisdom in this delightful gem when I was in my teens or early twenties! There is such a delicious sense of Richard Bach in Hu Dalconzo’s writing. While the material is easy to digest and fills the heart with a powerful sense of promise, what touched me most was the beautiful layering of story after story that just kept lifting me to new heights. And occasionally, my memories of Richard Bach would give way to the more down-to-earth teachings of Dan Millman–with Neale Donald Walsch, Shakti Gawain, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, and so many others thrown in for good measure! And if that is not enough, I could constantly sense the presence of Rumi and Hafiz sharing their poetic wisdom in the breeze and ocean waves that weaved their way throughout the book. Listen, don’t just read this book for yourself. Read it with your kids and your grand-kids.
Believe me, they will thank you for it.”

David D McLeod, DD, PhD, YourLifeMasteryCoach.com